sarah labigne yoga

  English yoga classes in Berlin

flow yoga for body, mind & heart


Movement can feel exquisite, and at times difficult. The same applies to stillness. How can we navigate gracefully between the two, staying curious and attentive to the felt sense of our practice, whether we are in dynamic flow or exploring the fullness of being still.
In its essence yoga is a journey back towards more balance. Within the body, yes, but crucially within the mind and the heart too. Each time we uncover more of that inherent balance, it allows us to pause before we act in the world, and hopefully make more skilful choices individually and collectively as humans.

With a background in professional Contemporary dance Sarah has always had a passion for movement and the exploration of the infinite possibilities of this physical body we are in.
Her yoga journey – in breath, meditation & movement – began over 20 years ago, and Sarah's practice as well as her teaching continue to unfold every day.
There is no limit to the tools which the body and the breath offer us to attain greater freedom and ease in our everyday lives. As we begin to notice changes in how we encounter challenge, seeking to respond rather than simply react, we gradually reveal more clarity, more purpose, more wonder.