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sarah labigne yoga

 flow yoga for body, mind & heart

Yoga & me

My desire to teach yoga grew out of my own experience of the benefits of a regular practice to the bodymind (a term used to describe the human body and mind functioning as an integrated unit).
With a background in professional Contemporary Dance I have always had a passion for movement and the exploration of the infinite possibilities of this physical body we are residing in.
As I delved deeper into my yoga practice - having first discovered its appeal in my early 20s - I became increasingly curious about the tools which both body and breath can offer us to attain greater freedom and contentment in our everyday lives. The more benefits I discovered for myself, the more I wanted to pass these on to others.​​

Eventually the completion of my teaching qualification with Yogacampus (London/UK) marked the formal beginning of my yoga teaching journey, having already taught dance previously.
I am passionate about learning as much as I am about teaching.