English yoga classes in Berlin

sarah labigne yoga

flow yoga for body, mind & heart

Yoga style

Sarah teaches a form of yoga influenced by various schools of the Hatha tradition as well as Somatics, enriched by many wonderful teachers, and flavoured by her background in Contemporary dance. A Vinyasa style in the sense that the body is placed with mindful presence, and that linking movement to breath is a key element of her classes. As the quality of our breath reflects our state of mind, we can in turn affect our state of mind by noticing and freeing the breath. 

In her classes Sarah aims to help students find a sense of centering and grounding, as well as expand their movement range and vocabulary. In addition to familiar yoga asanas (postures) more intuitive movement patterns are included based on somatic movement exploration.

The flow is generally slow and steady, yet demanding. Healthy alignment is paramount in any class, as the physical body becomes a gateway to turning inwards. In determining this healthy alignment each student is encouraged to tune into their felt-sense.

Yoga has the potential to be a journey back to more balance and wholeness, not only within the physical layer of the body but - crucially - within the mind and the heart too.

Classes will hopefully support students in this discovery, equip them with tools for dealing with challenging situations on and importantly beyond the mat, and empower them to live every day fully awake.